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We deliver on our promise to help enroll our customers into the best, most effective program while educating them on available options.
Student Loan Consolidation & Loan Forgiveness

We provide solutions for a variety of situations by presenting you with options that will meet your needs. Most importantly, our team is made up of real people who have been in your shoes. If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to give us a call. We’ll explore the avenues that best suit you.

Who We Are

Student Advocates is a privately owned company that helps consumers like you identify government programs that may be suitable for your situation, it then gathers the relevant application documents, and then prepares those documents for your review and submission.
Our services are reasonably priced and our goal is to take the frustration out of the process. Upon receipt of all information from you, we will complete the application forms required for the DOE program(s) that you chose. We quickly gather the relevant application documents and then prepare those documents for submission.
We will monitor the application progress and provide updates to you.
No Upfront Fees

Many companies charge you large upfront fees. At Student Advocates, for our expertise, time and the work we do, we charge a fee only after we’ve completed our work.

See if you qualify in 10 minutes or less

Trained student loan experts are standing by to compare your options. Find out in just minutes if you qualify for any of the programs offered through the government.

On a mission to help students out of debt

Do you see your minimum payments piling up? Have you gotten so far behind that you may be facing tax seizures or possible wage garnishments? Student Advocates was established to assist with those who are struggling with their Federal Student Loans! Go ahead and fill out our contact form so that our specialists can contact you and get you the relief you are looking for through government assisted programs!

We provide consulting & document processing services that help you identify government programs that may be suitable to your situation like consolidating your Federal Student Loans, resulting in affordable and manageable monthly payments.

We have a diversified set of employees who are professional, experienced, highly trained and courteous. No company can rival the success we have with our clients through the Government. Call us today to find how you can benefit from using our services.

Meet Our Customers

Lowering student loan debt payments with guaranteed results.

We scour every possible repayment option available from education loan consolidation to partial loan forgiveness programs to find the one that best suits your purpose.

Student Advocates
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As others have written, I was wary of this program given the scams that abound in student loans. I was wrong! I called from an ad on Facebook and within an...

Helping current and former students alike.

No matter what situation you are in we can help. Whether you’re behind on payments or current, we can save you money and provide you with a fresh start.