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How Long Can Student Loans Hurt Your Credit?

Students often make mistakes and miss making payments for their student loans. This can cause distress and harm one’s credit, creating a burden that can have long-term consequences.Because student loans…

student loan payments

8 Ways To Eliminate Student Loan Payments

The most difficult thing when dealing with student loan payments is not the payment itself. Instead, it is navigating the complicated and confusing world of the student loan repayment system….

financially independent

The Secret To Raising Financially Independent Kids

Failure to launch is one of the biggest secret fears of every parent in America. This is where, in spite of all your best efforts, your children end up becoming…

credit scores

Student Loans and Credit Scores – A Powerful Combination

By now everybody is familiar with the problems caused by student loans, whether you graduated recently or years ago. But we often ignore how student loans affect credit scores. Mismanaging…

financial independence

8 Secrets to Achieving Financial Independence

Much of what we learn about wealth, money, and income when growing up is often misleading. This is because the people we learn from are generally not rich themselves. The…


What 9 Millennials Did After College Instead of Starting a Full-Time Job

If you are just about to graduate from college, most probably you do not have plans for what you will do next year. I encountered this issue a number of…


Government is Coming Down Hard on Those in Default on Student Loans

If you have defaulted on a student loan in the past ten years, the federal government may have a lawsuit waiting for you. They are launching an experimental program that…


Refinancing or Consolidation: Which Should You Choose?

A couple of repayment methods that are extremely popular among borrowers are consolidation and refinancing of the student loans. Though many borrowers consider consolidation and refinancing to be the same…

tuition-free college

This State Just Approved Tuition-Free College for Middle Class Students

The US state of New York recently became the first one in the US to provide tuition-free college for middle-class students. The decision is related to both two-year and four-year…

pay off student loans

Working for Free to Pay Off Student Loans is Really a Thing!

At least 7 out of 10 college graduates have pressing student loans according to researchers at The Institute for College Access & Success. These graduates have no employment or are…